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Thinking of a Marketing idea to bring your brand or event to life?

Character Mascots will do just that! Our amazing Character Mascot talent bring pizzazz and fun to any event or promotion! Whether it be a mascot, costume or character suit we have the right staff that can bring the character to life through confidence, enthusiasm and of course – ENERGY! 


Each of our Mascot suit staff are individually briefed on the campaign, objectives and goals prior to the promotion. Our staff arrive prepared and ready to get into their suit and play their character! 


Costume and Mascot Suit Staff attract crowds from small children, teens and adults, this gives you the opportunity to target a huge market. Mascot and Character Suit Staff are recommended to have a helping hand by one of our Promotional Staff to assist with photos, handing out promotional products and assisting with data and lead collection.


From playing the Easter Bunny, Being Santa, being a leading sports mascot or a special occasion suit or costume!


The Flash Point Promotions team are able to assist in all areas of a campaign, this allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing that the campaign is running accordingly.

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Bring your event to life with Character Suit Operators!

Our Mascot and Character Staff are perfect for the following events:


Where do we service?

Mascot and Character Suit Staff are available in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Sydney, Melbourne. Nation Wide of Australia!


Got a question? Contact us here today Or contact us here to make your booking enquiry.


Don’t have a mascot or character costume for your promotion? We can point you to the right direction for rentals, or we can hire them out for you! 

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