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As the top boutique staffing agency in the continent, we collaborate closely with our clients to deliver exceptional experiences on Sunshine Coast through our high-quality promotional and events staff. We aim to build solid connections with our clients and help grow their brands.


Our skilled team throughout Australia excels in bringing brands and consumers together through creative marketing strategies. We possess the expertise to supply and oversee promotional personnel, ensuring the success of brand events.


We understand the motivations and harness the distinct talents of our marketing team members, empowering them to reach their full potential. We excel in overseeing marketing teams by monitoring their performance, assessing it, and acknowledging their efforts.

Why Work with Us?

National Footprint
Our crew hail from diverse backgrounds and have distinctive experiences, but they all share a passion for life and excel at providing exceptional customer service. These dynamic and spirited individuals ensure customers have the best experience possible.
Customised methods
We know that you, and your brand/ business is unique, so we create tailored staffing to suit your industry. Instead of providing a generic service, we adjust our offerings to suit your goals and needs. If our current team can't meet your requirements, we can add more staff for your event or campaign. Moreover, we find the perfect fit for your project by holding casting sessions.
We can assist companies of all sizes, from solo business owner driving a start up, to large organisations with a vast workforce, for one-time engagements or ongoing.
Quality Staffing
Our brand representatives come from various backgrounds and possess unique experiences, yet they all have a common enthusiasm for life and are highly skilled in delivering outstanding customer service. These energetic and lively individuals guarantee customers the most enjoyable experience possible.
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Ready to propel your brand to new heights in Sunshine Coast

What You Get When Working with Us

  • Industry expertise

    Established in 2007, Flash Point Promotions has provided outstanding promotional teams to organisations, including international luxury brands, small-medium businesses, and startups, to enhance their brand image.

  • Lower staff costs

    Planning an event and employing individuals for the task can be quite costly, particularly when considering the expenses associated with training and evaluation. Our comprehensive package offers everything you need: learning, assessment, and additional services!

  • Flexible packages

    When you utilise our services for recruiting employees, you can acquire personnel for the precise duration required, be it a straightforward task that takes a day or an extended project that spans six months.

  • Holistic training

    Our company offers skill enhancement opportunities for our team members, enabling them to demonstrate their expertise and abilities while representing our brand in various engagements.

Discuss Your Project With Us Today

Request a quote now by calling 0402 083 307 or heidi@flashpointpromotions.com.au today! We serve businesses and brands with a team of skilled and innovative individuals to enhance their clout. Be it a small promotional event or a grand occasion for luxury brands, we cater to all industries and categories.

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