Photographic Models

What can we deliver?

Our Photographic Models are experienced with being in front of the camera, whether it’s for a photo shoot, are video or both.


You can hire our photographic models on demand, or request for a casting for your roles to make sure you get the absolute perfect fit for your photo shoot or video.


Our Photographic Models have worked mostly in sports, fitness, real estate, apparel, products of all industries, service based businesses, and print campaigns. However, if it’s something our model’s haven’t worked on, they will be more than comfortable as it take’s experience and confidence to be a photographic model.


Our Photographic Models are here to bring your product or business to life through CONTENT, our models bring passion, fun, enthusiasm and authenticity to your brand or business photo shoot to create the best images as possible.

When should we use FPP?

Our Photographic Models are perfect for the following events:

Flash Point Promotions is Australia’s leading boutique Promotional Modelling and Talent staffing agency. Our Photographic models are hand selected for your business or brand! If our current talent don’t fit what you are looking for, we can cast just for your photo shoot.


Our Photographic models are available for Product Shoots, Apparel Shoots, Real Estate shoots and videos, Hotel photo shoots, Bar photo shoots, Restaurant photo shoots, Car photo shoots, boat photo shoots and videos and so much more!

Are you about to launch your business or product?

Whether you are a start up and ready to launch your product with content photo shoots with out Photographic models, or maybe you are doing a fitness campaign, or print campaigns, or maybe you are after Models for your new menu range for your Restaurant – We have the talent and models for you!


Get in touch today to hire your photographic models, to take your business or brand to the next level – Visually!


Flash Point Promotions are able to provide Photographic Models nation wide – Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart with regional and rural areas on request.

Photogrpahic Models

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