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Heidi Hamilton Flashpoint

Australia wide staffing.

Heidi Hamilton, Founder and Director of FPP is your go to gal for all things Igniting your brand. 

Heidi created Flash Point through first hand experiences within the industry. 

Our niche is providing tailored quality staffing solutions with a boutique experience. We are all about service baby! 

From small promotional activations, to luxury brand experiences and events we cater to all industries and categories. 

When choosing to engage with FPP, you will expect quick service, clear communication and staff that are customized to your requirements that get results. 

Our genuine approach is because we care about you, your business and your brand – Lets take your brand to the next level! If you’re ready to level up and scale your brand lets chat.


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What our team says about Heidi

Meet the face, the name and the voice behind FPP.  A humble specialist behind finding Australia’s top event and promotional talent, the talented multi-hat wearer, proficient multi-task master, and the absolute match maker for brands and talent!

Working for Heidi as part of her promotional team at Flashpoint, has been positive and inspiring in every way!

I have worked for a couple different companies now and I can hand on heart say, that Heidi has just blown me away with her dedication to making her company as amazing as it can possibly be. 



She is incredibly organised and professional and always makes sure she delivers such a high standard of work to her clients.


And one of the ways she does this, is by making sure she hand picks and interviews her team of amazing promo staff (me included of course), that are just as passionate, bubbly, positive, energetic and driven as she is!

She inspires me everyday with her drive for success and for providing such high quality promotional campaigns and staff to her clients.


Love love LOVE Flashpoint!


Working for Flashpoint Promotions has provided me with most marvellous employement I have ever experienced! It is an absolute pleasure working for Heidi who is someone that is incredibly orgianised, professional and inspiring as a female business owner. I have never met a leader who cares so much for her employees and demonstrates this constantly with the amount of respect and understanding she gives us. I hugely recommend anyone who is considering working here to go for it! The work is always uniquely fun from having to wear toothbrush dresses and yellow morph suits to handing out complimentary champagne and gifts.


I have worked in promotions for over 8 years in the UK and now Australia and I can honestly this is by far the best run agency I have worked with. The level of detail, care for staff and organisation is first class. You always feel like your needs as well as the clients and the campaign are being met.


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