Common Promotional Marketing mistakes (lessons)

There is so much to take in when it comes to planning, executing and finalising a Promotional Marketing Campaign, Event, Function or Activation.

We cover the common Promotional Marketing mistakes, or should we say lessons!

Not Outsourcing to Experts 

Okay, if you are an absolute octopus and guru with so much time, expertise and resources then this one wont be relevant, but for everyone else, Make sure you are outsourcing to experts. Don’t DIY for everything – Don’t do the catering yourself (LOL, we have seen this before!) Don’t hire your own staffing – this can be underwhelming and you will be shocked with reliability, presentation and communication. Just outsource guys!

Treating Promotional marketing as your only strategy 

Promotional Marketing is an excellent strategy, of course having detail of what you are actually wanting to achieve for each strategy. However, you need to take into consideration having other marketing strategies and platforms in place.

Only doing one campaign

One PR Stunt is not enough, and cash wont come flowing in just from one campaign. It’s like social media, you don’t have one post, sign off and wait for clients to come knocking. It’s a continuous ball game.

You don’t change your bottom line from holding an event, an activation or promotion instantly 

Refer to above!!!!

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What value will you get out of this?

30 minutes of our Managing Director, Heidi Hamilton’s undivided attention, expertise and focus on your business and goals!

  • A structured plan and report on your strategy session
  • Brainstorm/Ideas for your promotional marketing campaign
  • Your questions answered
  • A clear step by step guide for what you need to do next!

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