Consumers are craving a new, tech focused approach from brands.

Customers and could be customers are craving new, diverse and different experiences while they are looking to purchase. They are searching for a holistic experience that a business or brand’s channels and touch points interact with them, combining this all into one word – Consumers are looking for an Omnichannel approach.

Consumers expect more personalization and a tailored approach,  with the digital age and tech increasing every single day.

From a Connected Customer Report from Salesforce; “66% of consumers say they are likely to switch brands if they are treated as numbers instead of individuals”.

Doubts about providing personal information and contact information with businesses and brands have decreased, and thus now consumers being willing to provide this data, they receive even digital personalised experiences; Including product recommendations based on their purchases, interests etc.

With how fast the digital age is travelling and rapidly changing, customers are eager to receive instant gratification, a fast personalised approach whilst knowing they are being looked after well.

The demand for speed and convenience is high enough that consumers are often willing to pay more for an expedited shipping option.

According to Salesforce, “73% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company provides inconsistent levels of service across departments”.

More than 90% of consumer commerce still happens in physical, brick-and-mortar stores, but consumers also interact, research, and buy from brands in multiple ways. It was once that customers would have to visit a brick-and-mortar store to peruse, but now they have smart devices and technology at their fingertips, which gives brands and businesses an even larger scope to get to their target markets!

In a study by HBR, 73% customers move across multiple channels during their shopping journey. 3 out of 4 shoppers who find local information in web searches are more inclined to visit physical locations.

More than 90% of consumers read reviews and peruse on smartphones while browsing in-store and additionally, 75% of consumers want to be able to order products online and pick them up in-store.

Many large online brands are expanding to brick-and-mortar stores.

Moving fast, but methodically. Experiment, learn and use an agile methodology.

Even if trying pop-up experiences, brand activations and temporary stores.

So as a brand or business, why should you care that consumer habits are changing? Because these consumers will reward an omnichannel experience.

Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than single-channel consumers. According to a study by HBR,

  • These shoppers spent an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in the store, and 10% more online than single-channel customers.
  • On average, customers who used more than four channels spent 9% more in the store when compared to those who used just one channel.
  • Among the omnichannel shoppers, those that conduct prior research online ended up spending 13% more in store. Shoppers are now doing more research, they’re more informed and prepared to buy. They know the market, the prices, and the product.
  • Within six months after an omnichannel shopping experience, these customers are 23% more likely to make repeat shopping trips and were more likely to recommend the brand than those who used a single channel.

Brands are catering to the omnichannel consumer by taking advantage of evolving technology and redefining shopping and buying experiences.

It’s all about the customer journey now – one that is cohesive, receptive, and responsive. Give consumers a consistent, personalised, enjoyable and down to earth experience, and they will give you their business.


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