Face to Face Engagement

The Importance of Face to Face engagement for business and brands.

Why and How does Face To Face Marketing work?

People like dealing with people

Any questions or comments get dealt with immediately, right there, in person. Showing the ‘face’ of your brand builds trust and gets you remembered.

You are more influential in person

60% of effective communication is down to body language and facial expression. You can’t take advantage of this fact if you only communicate digitally

Engagement is two-way

Your customers engage with your brand as you learn about them. Face-to-face marketing is a uniquely powerful way to inform all your other campaigns.

Everyday Face to Face Marketing and when to use Flash Point Promotions!

Short term thinking

Avoid long contracts. Experiment with several short engagements until you require someone on a full time basis or know exactly what you need for your role!

Popup marketing

Set up a stand almost anywhere, in the midst of your target customers. Take your brand to them.

Brand activation

Bring your brand to life by showing it off to your customers or launch a new product in person.


Make your online shop physical – temporarily – in an established venue you know your customers love.

Event marketing

Show your unique product or service, rather than try to explain it. Put your brand in front of your market – live.

Experiential marketing

Get creative and aim for the sky. Want to make a big splash? Allocate budget for an unforgettable event.

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