Scale your E-commerce business

It is true, at first glance people may think starting an e-commerce business is easy, growing an e-commerce is easy, and staying present and on trend is easy. Well News Flash, it is no as easy as it sounds!

Sure, there are countless e-commerce success stories out there, but the practical details behind the success is rarely shared because at the end of the day, it takes an army to start, build, and scale a thriving e-commerce enterprise.

Make your brand memorable 

When done correctly, branding offers endless benefits. It really allows customers to seamlessly understand what your company offers, your values, how you are different to your market competitors, and why they need your product. 

This goes beyond just having an eye-catching logo, pretty website and nice Instagram feed. Your brand message has to convey the convenience your business provides, which will result in brand trust and loyalty. 

Not to mention that visual elements, copy, and all communication must be cohesive across all areas of marketing. 

Think outside of the box

Pop-up stores – can increase your brand awareness, help your business thrive further online and also help with wholesale business.

Companies often do 2-3 pop ups in different locations each month and offer call to actions and promotions within the pop up store to increase spend, your email database and total foot traffic and your pop up store. 

Pop-up shops are changing the retail landscape and there is an opportunity for companies to capitalise on this trend before the space gets too crowded. Considering that marketers spend up to $600 billion on brand activations, it’s clear that the marketing tactic is proving to be fruitful across the industry. 

Digital is not always the be all and end all

There are plenty of e-commerce stores who claim that they are generating much of their profits from Facebook ads, and it may be true. However, Facebook ads are and really can be amazing, you must diversify your traffic sources, as you never know what algorithm changes or regulations may come into play, Facebook can change overnight! 

Look for ways to reinvent yourself and disrupt your market

In the case of e-commerce one must consistently test, test, and retest. Don’t get too comfortable with a method that works, because there may be another one that works even better. Test everything from workflow, different landing pages, onsite and offsite SEO, mobile responsiveness, to compatibility with web browsers.

It’s also important to note that you’ll never have a perfect sales funnel from the start, no matter how perfect it may sound in theory. So be sure to make adjustments as needed until you hit the sweet spot. 

Looking at expanding your email database 

Email marketing is an essential method of communication with your e-commerce customers. It may also serve as the most profitable channel if nurtured correctly. You need to develop a segmentation strategy before you start sending out emails to your subscribers, because not every message is relevant to every subscriber. As such, segmenting your lists will help increase opens and conversions.

No marketing costs are required to build your email lists, especially if you collect email addresses from customers that are making a purchase. These people already trust you and your brand. 

Whether you’ve had previous experience with the launch of an e-commerce business, or are looking to launch your first venture, now is the time to get your foot in the door. By implementing these strategies, your e-commerce business can be set up for an upward trajectory and growth that goes hand-in-hand with scalability.


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