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GOOD on you! You have finally reached the point for your start up business to promote your product, commence face-to-face marketing and host a product launch!

Exciting, overwhelming, nervous, scared – I know, I have been there. Below we list some ideas on what you could do to get your brand, product out there – HINT, continuous marketing, PR and events is crucial to expand your business!

Ok for this example we are going to use a beauty product, and to be specific a coffee scrub. So your businesses launch date is in 2 weeks we list below 1 month of PR, marketing and events so your launch can be most successful.

2 Weeks out of launch:

  • Website almost ready to go live (Or already live)
  • Social Media count down to launch for excitement, make sure you market an introductory promotion EG 25% to all customers for the first 7 days.
  • Add excitement to your launch with a competition, this can be face-to-face and also on social media to build your following.
  • Line up Instagram influencers to promote your product on social media, this can help build a following, increase brand loyalty and overall awareness
  • Set an event, it could be in your local café or bar that you hire out – deck it out in your branding and send an invitation out to friends, family, other business owners, influencers. Set the scene with a branded photography back drop which will also end up on social media with you businesses branding!

1 Weeks out of launch:

  • Plan your PR stunt – as you are promoting your coffee scrub your initial PR stunt could be: using Flash Point Promotions Promotional Models. Our staff could be situated on different beaches handing out sample coffee scrub packets with coffee scrub on their face! peel of the packet and it could be an instant win of a hamper!


Week 1 into launch:

  • Ok so your business is in the game, your following has increased and sales are coming through the door! Use Flash Point Promotions to hand out sample packets in high traffic areas in the CBD. With a competition integrated and instant wins of your product and hamper products!

Remember when you launch your business, marketing, PR and events are crucial – They are required to be ongoing to increase sales!


Take advantage of this blog, start planning your next PR Stunt, event or function and utilize Flash Point Promotions Staffing Solutions!

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