The marketing grunt and difference utilising street teams

Everyone is constantly flooded with digital marketing from social media, sponsored ads and paid ads to bombard you with emails and news.

These days, it is becoming harder for businesses and brand to show value to their customers, to cut out the clutter.

Unless businesses and brand work with Flash Point Promotions, to implement human engagement with Promotional Staff, Street Teams, Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models and Hostesses.

When it comes to the face to face connection of Street teams to promote your product, brand or service, street teams are able to directly interact consumers on a more personal level, to translate into immediate sales, actions and awareness.

Flash Point Promotions has recently worked with a national Event Management Company, supplied over 50 staff members in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and the sunshine coast – To increase brand awareness of a Accounting and Business Services firm.

We briefed, organised and project managed 40 Brand Ambassadors and 10 Team Leaders, over the 4 week campaign we had 15% of engaged people take action from the activation.

When an activation, event, promotion is executed correctly, a street team can increase brand awareness, loyalty of a business, brand or product and most importantly increase potential sales.

However, when executed incorrectly, a street team can waste money and damage a brand reputation.

If you have ever seen Promotional Staff or Brand Ambassadors who are either on the phones, grouped together, or blocking the street, maybe just looking unmotivated – you know exactly how important having trained and quality staffing solutions is.


We have created the below, for you to follow to execute an activation with the best street teams!

  1. Set an objective and goal

When you set an overall objective, goals and KPIs for your activation and promotion will allow you to measure your success.

Goals and Objectives are dependent on the product, service or brand and the role.

A few listed below; How many people do you want to download your app, sample your product, go to your event, sign up to your service, spend a certain amount.

  1. Be Deliberate in your actions

So who are you actually trying and reach, and where will they be located and what time.

When you understand you target audiences and consumers, it allows you to put your promotional staff and street team and the best location with the right messages.

  1. Set a reasonable budget

Promotional Staff and street teams are cost-effective, however only when used strategically.

  1. hire and train staff

Training is essential, whether its video training, in person brief training for 15-20 minutes prior to the activation, or if its an extensive campaign having a day dedicated to your street team coming in and out for training for 1-3 hours. This is so your team have the right answers, understand the project and know exactly when is expected of them.

  1. Have an event manager or team leader on site

Having a team leader and or an event manager can bring your event or activation together seamlessly – whilst you get back to what you need to do.

They manage, energise, prepare team, giving pointers, reiterate expectations and reporting.

  1. Include a good call to action

This is crucial – if you have no call to action or a poor call to action, you will not reach your goals or objectives. Make sure it is clear and simple for what your audience need to do during, after meeting your promotional staff.

  1. Collect and measure data and feedback

Consumer information and data is important for analytical purposes and future activations so you can understand your consumers better.

Feedback on what your consumers think on the spot, recommendations and anything else to help you!

  1. Review and Repeat

Review your overall campaign, feedback from consumers, and feedback from your promotional staff and street team. Review, tweak where necessary and repeat.

Our Street teams, promotional staff, event staff, hostesses/hosts and promotional models have worked at;

– Product Launches – Corporate Charity Events – Fundraiser Luncheons – Marketing Events – Marketing Activation – General business promotion – New store opening launches – Property Open For Inspections – Photo Shoots – Private Events – Retailer Promotions – Expos – Trade Shows – Boat Shows – Luxury events – Pop up activation – Marketing Campaigns – Golf Days – App Launch activations – Conferences – Experiential marketing campaigns

Lets chat to see how we can help boost your business, brand awareness and hospitality at your next event Contact us Today!

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