What differentiates a successful campaign and not-so successful campaign?


What differentiates a successful campaign and not-so successful campaign?


Time and time again, working with so many different clients that come from different market sectors – including retail, food & beverage, construction, property and even start ups and small businesses. We see great campaigns and not so great campaigns.

“Why?” you may ask.
Simply due to the following reasons:



When planning an event, promotion or marketing activation a well-designed and researched strategy needs to be in place to reach your goal or objective.

Taking into consideration your demographic, how you will market the promotion (Facebook/ Instagram/ letter box drop/ radio / in store etc), what and when your promotion is going to be and your overall objective.


Here is an example of a not so strategized promotion:

When we work with new clients and they come to Flash Point Promotions to arrange Promotional Models most commonly they ask for them to hand out leaflets to promote their new store. We will align them in a realistic expectation and space.

Before they actually contact us, they may or may not have ever done this before. Simply thinking in their head – if we will hand out 5000 flyers that means we will get a massive influx of people coming into our store.

Unfortunately that is not how it works.


Flyer Distribution and leafleting cannot guarantee leads and increase potential foot traffic always, our recommendation is to have a great ‘call to action’ to help increase this.

Handing out flyers can be an absolute hit and miss – And you will notice if you do ever go into the CBD in high traffic areas there is street promoters ever corner with a flyer, so most of the time, people passing by either do not take the flyer, grab it and bin it, grab it and put in their hand bag, and the others will grab it and save it for later.


Any campaign that does not offer something with a great call to action – something free, a competition or an incentive will decrease the success of the campaign.

Our recommendation is to also not hit your target once, we recommend that you have an on going PR, Promotional and Marketing campaign in place to roll over to help increase your brand awareness, foot traffic and potentially sales.

And when we say hit your target once, we don’t mean ongoing campaigns of handing out flyers with a different promotion. We mean, an introductory offer with flyers, then a store opening launch where you have an event held which is also gives you a point to have another PR campaign/ promotion within that, then a competition a community event or sporting event to build your marketing database, and so on.


How you actually execute your campaign is crucial, it will mean the be all and end all to if your campaign is successful or not.

Taking into account the main elements that are important:

  • Organisation
  • Plan for the unexpected (EG your delivery driver will be 4 hours late with material)
  • Your Promotional Team
  • Your Set Up
  • Your On-Going marketing during the campaign
  • Daily feedback. This is so important! If you realise on the second day what you have implemented is not going great – Then SWITCH it up! Take on the critical and real feedback and learn from it.


Flash Point Promotions has worked with national brand and businesses for over 12 years, we provide recommendations and clear and consist expectations – So form the get go, you will know what to expect.


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