The benefits of having Promotional Staff at your next Function.

Promote your brand, name or business

A hint of fun and difference – People will remember your brand

Add that extra hint to your brand with Promotional Staff for your next Function or Event.

The addition of having Promotional Staff promote your brand directly with guests is a great networking tool for you on a personal level and on a business scale.

it increases your connections and helps ensure people recognise the company name, the business logo and the person in front of the company.

Functions can always get busy, especially when you are hosting them. Having Promotional Staff incorporated into your function will leave the stress behind, so you can do what you do best

Our Promotional Staff don’t just talk to a few people that they think will be interested, they make it their goal to talk to every possible person at your event.

Instead of waiting for people to find your booth at an event or trade show – This makes a difference as your brand reaches more people, including people that wouldn’t usually go up to a booth at an event.

We read your crowd, hear what people think of your brand or business, they will even give feedback and recommendations.

Hiring Promotional Staff for an event always adds a difference to your brand, this will make guests remember you. Our Brand Ambassadors, Greeters, Promotional Models or even Mascot & Costume Staff can Assist with this!

Our Promotional Staff can do various activities at your next function including the following;

  • Greeting Guests
  • Guest Registration
  • Serving tapas and drinks
  • Mingle with guests
  • Gift Bag Distribution

Enquire here today or make a booking!

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