QLD Staffing Agency – Frequently Asked Questions

Time and time again I have potential clients asking the same questions. Usually because they have never worked with a Promotional Staffing Agency or they have had a bad experience in the past with another Staffing Agency.We have listed below our most frequently asked questions from potentail clients. What is your point of difference Flash Point Promotion’s point of difference is service, being a boutique local agency, it really gives us the advantage to be… Continue reading QLD Staffing Agency – Frequently Asked Questions

Flyer Distribution – Is it still effective?

I know what you are thinking. In such a technology based digital age how can flyer distribution be effective or in fashion? In such a digital age emails and social media have become some of the most important platforms and tools for online marketing. However, how often do you open those spam emails? How often do you read the Facebook posts about 20% off at a store and visit that shop? Flyer Distribution is a… Continue reading Flyer Distribution – Is it still effective?

The Big 5 ‘W’s When Organising a Promotion

When it comes to organising, and planning promotions it is crucial to collaborate your who, what, where, when and why for your promotions or event. Having the in-depth research and back ground for the big 5 W’s will increase the success and audience. We have outlined Who, What, Where, When and Why when it comes to planning and organising your next promotional marketing campaign. Who: Ok, so you don’t have an idea yet on what… Continue reading The Big 5 ‘W’s When Organising a Promotion

Bring the people power to your Marketing!

  Multiple platforms and avenues of Marketing is absolutely crucial in today’s generation – It is becoming more significant that businesses, companies and brands are taking marketing to a whole new level. As their competitors are doing more, reaching out and collaborating with other businesses, and overall just doing more marketing which means everyone in this sector needs to be doing something ‘different’ to their competitors! From Social Media Platforms to your old school bread… Continue reading Bring the people power to your Marketing!

What fuels your best Staff and keeps them motivated?

  Overseeing a team of Promotional Staff, Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors while also working in the Promotion and Event industry, I see first hand how easily your best staff will stop working for you or will become less motivated to pick up shifts with your agency. We have outlined why your staff are unmotivated and what fuels your staff for you to keep them motivated and for them to continue working for you. Team… Continue reading What fuels your best Staff and keeps them motivated?

Casual Staff VS Temp Staff

Let’s talk the difference between recruiting and organising casual staff in house and utilizing Flash Point Promotions as your staffing agency for temporary staff. We find that most businesses agree with outsourcing temporary staff for a small hourly fee gives them an overall return on investment with little to no stress. Using a repeatable Staffing Agency that provides screened, qualified and trained staff has increased in demand and is on the rise to increase within… Continue reading Casual Staff VS Temp Staff

Key Qualities Promotional Staff Require

We’ve seen it all, the good staff, the bad staff and the staff you wish you did not even interview. Over the years we have learnt the traits you need to look for when you are hiring new Promotional Staff. Your staff are representing your company, your brand, you as a business owner or employee, your clients company and their brand so you will need well-presented staff that are professional and confident. A lot of… Continue reading Key Qualities Promotional Staff Require

What are Promotional Staff?

‘What are Promotional Staff?’ – I get asked this question day in day out, when I am in a conversation with someone about running a Staffing Agency and what I do. Putting it simply, Promotional Staff are employed by a business to promote their services or brand. So what are Promotional Staff? Promotional Staff are brand representatives that are hired to promote a product, service, business or company. Mostly hired by event management companies, shopping… Continue reading What are Promotional Staff?

The benefits of having Promotional Staff at your next Function.

Promote your brand, name or business A hint of fun and difference – People will remember your brand Add that extra hint to your brand with Promotional Staff for your next Function or Event. The addition of having Promotional Staff promote your brand directly with guests is a great networking tool for you on a personal level and on a business scale. it increases your connections and helps ensure people recognise the company name, the… Continue reading The benefits of having Promotional Staff at your next Function.

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