How to overcome common Pre-Event Problems

How to overcome common Pre-Event Problems

Planning and executing events is stressful as it is, every event will always be faced with multiple problems – Most of the time it is the lack of, things falling through, items being late – Here are our tips on a few Pre-Event Problems and how to fix them.

Lack of resources

Event and Marketing Budgets, are usually too small, with high expectations.

More than 90% of event managers have said their budget is not enough.

So when you are looking to market and grow your event, you need to budget and make informed decisions on where to allocate you spend.

With resource limitations, a lot of event managers opt to partner with brands and sponsors to share costs. Most times, they end up being cheaper than hiring full time, this will free up your budget for other resources, including experiences, activities, insurance food and beverages.

Flash Point Promotions offer Staffing solutions on a casual and temporary on demand basis – this can help having a second hand with assisting you in the office or helping promote the event

Not enough time or hands

Not only is there not enough time in the day, but you only have so many hands, and working time and sometimes it is impossible to get all tasks done within the time allocated.

Delegate and outsource so you can focus on the important things.

Lean into these two ways to make the time you spend on marketing more productive.

  • Use the 80/20 rule:This rule suggests that 80% of your output comes from only 20% of your input. In other words, focus on the tasks that create the most impact. When’s the last time you sold a ticket using a Twitter ad? If it’s not worth the effort, delegate it.
  • Automate your marketing: When you don’t have other people to help out, activities like manually pulling email lists, optimizing ads, or scheduling social media posts will quickly leave you with no time to up level your event marketing. Automation can help free up your time by doing the work of several skilled marketers for you!

With so much to do, you can’t waste a single minute. There are always sponsors you need to win, contracts you need to review, and volunteers you need to train. And you still need to find time for marketing.

  • We offer casual and temporary on demand staffing from experienced marketing, brand activation staff, promotional models who have on the ground experience, from working professionals, university students and full time event workers – we will have the perfect fit for you!
  • Put the heavy lifting on your ticketing partner: Choose a ticketing partner that helps you work smarter, not harder. From analytics to an easy checkout, make it easy for attendees to find your event — and click buy.

Lets chat to see how we can help boost your business, brand awareness and hospitality at your next event Contact us Today!

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