Underutilising staff skills

Underutilising staff skills

Did you know that almost half of the AUS workforce believe that their skills are being underutilised at work, and the education and training they are being proposed could be far more valuable, according to research by CBA.

How to overcome the misunderstood genius within your staff

  • Creating a culture including crystal clear communication, honesty, flexibility and support that allows employees to vocalise ideas and showcase their qualifications in an open, non-judgemental space and where staff can be heard
  • Consider whether a full-time employee is necessary, as outsourcing to an agency, or to a contract worker may be able to fill niche roles more effectively
  • Use data software to place employees in positions that align with their talents
  • Providing financial incentives or rewards for productivity and performance
  • Investing in training or education that is specifically aligned to grow your business, or that persons strengths to ultimately help your business further

Employers can also create an open dialogue with their team to gain total understanding of what they are able to contribute to the company.

Working with many brands, businesses and organisations we find that a lot of companies not only underutilise their staff, but also underutilise our staff that they outsource.

From a mindset of thinking, “they don’t understand our business”, “they wont pick up what we are planning quick enough”, “They are only young”, “It is only promotional staff”.

Our staff are able to understand your business and what you do, quicker than you think. We offer briefings through detailed email forms prior to events or promotions, training videos, and even onsite training pre-event or pre-promotion.

As our staff work with so many different businesses, brands and organisations every week, they have to be able to adapt to new locations, new clients, new staff and new environments – They are able to pick things up quicker than you would expect!

We do offer promotional staff, hostesses, promotional models and brand ambassadors that are generally between the ages of 18 – 32 years old. However, we find that a good mix of age groups works perfectly so we have team leaders, supervisors and also mature promotional staff. Age is really just a number.

Promotional staff are underrated, underutilised and undervalued. Businesses, Brands and Organisations that utilise promotional staff need to understand that they bring a lot of value to your business and are also first impressions for your business so need to be valued – as without them, you may not be getting the revenue that you do get.

Let’s get your brand out there! Chat to us today [email protected] or fill out a booking form enquiry! 

Our Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Staff, Hostesses, Event Staff, Function Staff, Bar Tenders have worked at the following;

– Product Launches – Corporate Charity Events – Fundraiser Luncheons – Marketing Events – Marketing Activation – General business promotion – New store opening launches – Property Open For Inspections – Photo Shoots – Private Events – Retailer Promotions – Expos – Trade Shows – Boat Shows – Luxury events – Pop up activation – Marketing Campaigns – Golf Days – App Launch activations – Conferences – Experiential marketing campaigns

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