How to Succeed with an Experiential Marketing Campaign

As consumers are now valuing experiences over material things, we see an increasing number of brands and marketers use their budgets in experiential marketing campaigns. And while it may seem pretty easy to simply host an event or a sampling activity at a major shopping centre, for your campaign to be truly successful, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Use digital technologies
People use social media every single day of their lives, and if your brand provides them with a cool and different photo opportunity, they will certainly make use of it. Adding a touch of technology to your event, such as a virtual reality activity, a Snapchat filter, a hashtag, and a location where your guests can check in to, will encourage them to interact with your brand, improving their perception of your company.

Partner with other brands
If there’s a music festival happening, and their brand and culture are similar to yours, and you happen to share the same value, it is a good move to either join forces in a joint event, or to simply be a part of their event. Having brand x’s space at Y festival is a great idea, as you can offer some exclusive activities that are attractive to festival attendees, improving brand awareness, and making use of everyone’s good mood and high spirits to leave a positive lasting impression.

Teach or make something together
People are more likely to share something about a brand if it is a genuine experience, where they’ve either learnt or created something of value. Unless it is something creative, extraordinary, and valuable, people will not advocate for it. So make sure your event has something to offer your audience. Do your research on who your audience is and what they want and expect.

Train the right people
Make sure your event personnel are true reflections of your brand personality and values. As they will be the ones interacting with your audience, it is important they are properly trained and know how to communicate and connect with your guests.

There are promotional agencies, like Flash Point Promotions, who can help you get the right promotional models and staff for your event. We take care of hiring, training, and scheduling everything, so you have the best quality event staff, at the right time, available to you. Have a look at the services we offer, and let us know if you have any questions.

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