How to Hire the Best Promotion Staff for Your Event

Promotional Staff are the icing on top of the cake to any event, but how do you find the best Promo Staff for your event?

Nowadays, investing in an experiential marketing campaign can do wonders for your business. Offering clients and customers a fun and valuable experience they can enjoy and remember will have a lot more impact on their perception of your brand than other forms of advertising.

Events, festivals, sponsorships, sampling, and other real interactions with customers allow your brand to truly make a connection. But for these initiatives to be successful and effective in maximising your return on investment (ROI), you need to make sure you have the right people representing your brand.

Imagine you hire the wrong people, who simply do not get your brand and what you are all about, and who are not very professional or reliable – in the best case scenario you just won’t get many leads or conversions from your campaign, but depending on how mismatched your event personnel are, your campaign could backfire and be a true nightmare, distorting your brand’s image and harming your reputation.

Looks aren’t everything
While we understand looks are important for promo staff, since you want your brand to look good, you need to ensure your models are more than just a pretty face; they need to be charismatic, confident, outgoing, friendly, and they need to be able to learn everything about your brand and your products.

Match made in heaven
It’s important that you match your staff’s personalities to your event objectives. For example, if it is a family event, you will need promo personnel who are great with children, who have huge personalities, who can be energetic, loud, and entertaining for hours on end. While if you are hosting an intimate dinner, you will want your promo staff to be eloquent and classy.

It pays to plan ahead
Casting your event personnel, training them, ensuring they all have all licenses they need, and ensuring they are at the right place at the right time, takes a lot of time and preparation. This is why many brands choose to hire promotion agencies. At Flash Point Promotions, we are always happy to assist our clients, even on last-minute bookings; however, we do believe this is a task worth planning ahead. The more time you allow an agency to understand your project, cast and book the right people, and conduct specific training, the better service you will receive.

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