Planning a Brand Activation

Planning a brand activation

Planning a brand activation is a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand or business, but having a strong strategy, concept and execution is key, which can be a tricky task.

It comes down to creating an experience for your target consumer, and connecting them to your brand or business – To then have your target consumer to fall in love with your brand.

Brand Activation’s motives are to overall, increase brand awareness, spread the message of the brand, develop new relationships and connections between brands and consumers.

So, how do you create a successful brand activation? We have listed a few tips to help you have a successful brand activation.

Construct a strong concept

A great idea is the crux of everything and that is why a concept plays a crucial role in making your brand activation successful. You need to come up with something innovative and unique that will ensure that you leave a mark on the audience’s mind. Brand building activities should not only be creative but also needs authentic. A great complex idea is a waste if it needs to be diluted in order to get it done. Therefore it is essential to check whether your concept would be feasible to execute or not.

Know your audience

You need to have a clear insight, or even better tracked data of your target market before you even start thinking of conceptualizing for your brand activation. It is important for any business to research their customer and plan out your brand activation from your consumer’s perception.

Budget, and budget right

Budget is one of the important aspects while preparing a brand activation. The best way is to plan your budget while you are abstracting your ideas, so you know how much you have for what.

Your staffing solutions, are to be considered.


Engagement helps to create a long-lasting brand impression into your target customer’s mind. Letting your customers touch and feel your product or service during brand activation will trigger a sense of connection between your brand and the customer. According to the psychological studies, it has been observed that customers interacting with the brands and products help in building a personal bond among them thus fostering brand loyalty.

Now what

Once you have completed the planning of the BTL promotion, you need to validate whether your brand activation will harvest a good RO. For this, it is necessary that you promote it on multiple channels. The most effective medium is the social media and your current database.

You can encourage people through hashtags, competitions and the event content.

This way you will also engage those who missed participating in the event. Make the most of your investment through generating pre-event buzz as well as by sharing post-event photos.

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