Why engage with a staffing agency

Why engage with a staffing agency

When it comes to business, everyone has a main objective – Build and grow.

No matter what industry you are in, without revenue, your business won’t survive.

Every promotion, every event, every marketing activation has a story behind it, and in most cases it is to drive sales for overall increase in revenue.

Face to face marketing, experiential events and activation and promotions are effective to business and this is why businesses and brand are increasing their marketing budgets to create bigger and better!

When it comes to each event, activation and promotion, immense hours of strategy, planning, and managing stakeholders are involved – this is why you should outsource your staffing and engage with Flash Point Promotions.

Outsourcing your event and promotional staffing to Flash Point Promotions can only positively impact your business.

Utilizing our staffing services, will remove the burden of recruiting, screening, paperwork, inductions, training and staff project management. This is time, money and still with no guarantee of having quality staff.


Time is money. Hiring talented and reliable staff is crucial – you need quality staff, confident, engaging staff which takes hours of sorting applications, and hours of interviews, and I mean first hand 300 applications, 20 interviews and 4 successful.

That is not even taking the tedious work of also needing the correct due diligence of employment laws, compliance ,breaks, employment classifications, contracts, insurances, taxes, labour hire laws just to name a few things.


Flash point promotions can take the stress out of planning, tracking, training and managing staff – so you can focus on your business or brand. The stresses that are common are (Last minute staff being sick, did the staff member work those hours, staff in incorrect uniform, what happens if someone injures themselves?)


Flash Point Promotions provides immense flexibility. Being able to hire staff on demand temporarily with no string attached with no admin. Hiring and outsourcing your staffing solutions are an investment, we have motivated, trained, experienced, well presented and outgoing staff to fit your business, brand with a diverse criteria of staff.

Reliability and Professionalism

When you outsource your staffing services to Flash Point Promotions you are really paying for reliability. If someone cancels, Flash Point Promotions can have back up staff within an hour.

We are professional, and ask all the need to know questions to best serve you.


Flash Point Promotions has experienced staff, that have worked with a range of consumers. Being able to improvise and adapt in different situations, by day working at a kids workshop, and at night a corporate event. Being able to provide information on your business or product with second to none customer service and confident engagement.

We supply quality staffing solutions for Trade Shows, Expos, Conventions, Exhibitions, truck shows, boat shows and Conferences. Whether you are looking for outgoing, confident and out there staff that are still well presented to promote and be the face of your brand – or whether you are look for promotional models to meet and greet. We have staffing options to suit your requirements.


Check out our work : http://flashpointpromotions.com.au/job-gallery/ Request a quote : http://flashpointpromotions.com.au/contact-us/ Make a booking enquiry : http://flashpointpromotions.com.au/booking-form/


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