Simple steps to executing a successful Promotional Campaign

Promotional Marketing Campaign

Like the old saying you live and you learn. Some of your promotional campaigns will be an absolute hit with success and then others may be a miss, don’t take this in a completely negative way, take it as learning curves and what works best for your business.

Promotional Campaigns take time, practice, wisdom and knowledge to ace. Get creative and innovative, take a good look at what your competitors are doing for their promotional campaigns, do your research so your first campaign can be successful.

Here’s our top 6 tips to provide the baseline in developing a strategy for planning to market your next Promotional Campaign.

1.Identify your goal

Many Promotional campaigns fail due to lack of focus over time. Getting to the point of your campaign coming to date is a huge goal ticked off of your list, you have been creative and crafted great ideas for it to get this far, stick to your goals and your list to stay on track.

Make sure your list of goals has a benchmark of what you want to achieve for the campaign and what you will need to do to get there. Creating a timeline and including benchmarks, this will help you have your priorities straight and have a clear goal.

2. Understand your target market

Knowing who your consumers are is the most important part of any successful promotional marketing campaign. Understanding your demographic, gender, age group, appearance and what drives them to make a purchase will help what location you will have the campaign and what you will do for the campaign.

3.Create a budget

Failure from a Promotional campaign can simply be from not creating a firm budget for their event.  I always say to clients, always keep a little room and have some left aside in your budget, because chances are you will need to dig deeper in your budget throughout the campaign.

4. Timing is of the essence

Tracking time, and paying attention to the time for your events is a crucial step. For example, a promotional campaign for a product launch of a new ice cream in Winter would not be ideal, as this is not the peak market period. Do your research and keep track of time.

5. It’s all about the consumer

Put yourself in the consumers shoes, when one of your favourite brands has a sale, you will go and spend big. Being the consumer, you can create a campaign created to appeal to your target audience, chances are they are going to make a spend.

6. Learn where you failed and succeeded

Data and Stats for not so great campaign are as important to track and study as events that have succeeded. This will allow you to learn from your mistakes and help you predict latest trends and what consumers like to see. Allowing yourself to track your campaign at each stage will create your next campaign to be easier as you will have valuable information on what you will be next.

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