What to avoid in the Face to Face Marketing and Promotional Staffing Industry

What to avoid in the Face to Face Marketing and Promotional Staffing Industry


When it comes to hiring promotional staff, event staff and face to face marketing staff, it can be underestimated.

A lot of people think, that you make a few calls and your are set with a promotional team.

That is where you have gone wrong – People can put a front on in a quick phone call, they may seem confident and reliable, but when it comes to the day of work – you stumble across no shows, people calling in sick, and poor performance.

With our industry experience, we have collated what to avoid doing in the promotional staffing and event staffing industry.


  1. Do you pick a Recruitment Agency or A Talent Agency?

When it comes to industry specific, it is best to turn to the right company for the right talent. If you are looking for an ongoing part time employee – A recruitment company is your best option. However, if you are looking for casual, on demand temporary staffing solutions – Flash point promotions is your best option. When you engage with us, we are responsible for, catering to your requirements, managing staff, logistics of staff and total project management of your staffing services.


  1. Expect what you have advised

If you are not specific on what you are looking for from the initial point of call, your expectations wont be met. It is important to advise what you are looking for – Whether it’s a criteria of having all female staff, a certain age group, skill set, qualifications, or total objective of the event, promotion you are holding. If you do not advise your expectations, we cannot adhere to them.


  1. Never DIY

When it comes to DIY, save it for at home painting and repairs. Never Hire in house personnel, unless you have a team member dedicated to management of them, recruitment and total project management.

If you are thinking you will save money, it will only cause you stress long term.

What you don’t see that is involved, is the back end work – Interviews, training, inductions, paper work, payroll – and you don’t even know if they are reliable, have a good work ethic or can work!

Always outsource to a professional staffing agency.


  1. Get creative

When it comes to face to face marketing, and promotional activations you have to get creative.

The sky is the limit – if you are using promotional models and not sure what to use them for to boost your brand, ask for advice. Our services are tailored – whether they are utilized for a digital marketing campaign, a photo shoot we can still help!

Think outside of the box.


We love helping you get the most out of your event, promotion or whatever it is for you creative minds!

Wanting to boost your business or brand?

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