Casual Staff VS Temp Staff


Let’s talk the difference between recruiting and organising casual staff in house and utilizing Flash Point Promotions as your staffing agency for temporary staff.

We find that most businesses agree with outsourcing temporary staff for a small hourly fee gives them an overall return on investment with little to no stress.

Using a repeatable Staffing Agency that provides screened, qualified and trained staff has increased in demand and is on the rise to increase within the next 12 months.

Is it the best solution to utilizing temporary staff over having your own casual staff? We say YES to Temporary Staff!

Casual staff are employed by you and for temporary staff you employ a staffing agency to outsource your staffing requirements.

The difference between hiring casual employees or temporary staff can mean the difference between immediate relief of paperwork, hours spent going through applications, interviewing and then to find after 3 shifts they have quit and won’t be returning to you again, sounds like fun managing casual staff…

So, why is Brisbane on the rise for outsourcing their staffing requirements?

Let’s talk time

What business has the time and can afford the time to organise all of the back-office functions of having casual staff and who wants to? The process would include – Recruiting, Screening Applicants, Interviewing, Payroll Set up, Training and Daily Organising of staff – This role is almost 24/7 365.

Does your business have the resources to handle this?

Let’s talk cost

OK, so maybe you do have the resources and the people power to handle it, but hey. What if we talked about the increase in overheads?

You would need to introduce a larger payroll, new insurances, certifications, systems, training and superannuation just to name a few.

Let’s talk the issues

After all the hard yards of back office recruiting, interviewing and your screened applicants are now no longer interested in the position – Back to square one.

We know that people are the most difficult to manage –  So what happens when you have no shows from your casuals on a Sunday morning and your staffing manager is out of the office for the day?

The awkward situations of being the one who must hire and fire.

Utilizing our services and using temporary staff can allow you to throw away the extra stress from Paper work, writing and advertising jobs, recruitment, increase in payroll which leads to new systems, procedures and overheads.

We have one question for you. What is your time really worth?

Drop us a line or request your free quote here today.


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