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Multiple platforms and avenues of Marketing is absolutely crucial in today’s generation – It is becoming more significant that businesses, companies and brands are taking marketing to a whole new level.

As their competitors are doing more, reaching out and collaborating with other businesses, and overall just doing more marketing which means everyone in this sector needs to be doing something ‘different’ to their competitors!

From Social Media Platforms to your old school bread and butter marketing in the newspaper, radio and television ads, you see, and you hear marketing everywhere!

A lot of brands, businesses and companies lose that human touch and human connection by not utilising Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors to bring their brand, service or business to life!

Our clients have found the most powerful tool in marketing is people.

Having that people power behind your brand, company or business to showcase and support what you have to offer and your difference in the market. Using Promotional Staff can make a massive impact on your brand recognition, Brand Awareness, Business leads, sales and data collection.

Let’s talk about how Flash Point Promotions and our Promotional Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models and Staff can bring the grunt and the people power to your marketing campaigns:

Product Launches:

Product Launches allows consumers to see your product in real life, touch it, smell it, maybe even taste it! Utilising promotional staff to engage with people, answer any FAQ’s and hand out samples or sell your product!

You will get REAL life feedback from consumers and potential customers.

Business Seminars:

Whether you are hosting an IT Seminar, A Business Seminar or Marketing Seminar promoting your seminar to boost attendees, guest satisfaction and potential sales. Having staff hand out promotional material and assisting guests with general questions.

Corporate Events and Functions:

Staffing your Corporate Events and Functions is important to make sure your event is smooth sailing and comes together in one piece! Whether you require staff to assist guests with registration, greeting, seating and handing out of promotional material, canapés and drinks for your guests – This will create a lasting impression and guest satisfaction!

New Retail Space Launch & Residential Property Launch:

Fantastic PR for your new retail space or residential property launch with utilising Promotional Staff to showcase the launch and increase foot traffic onsite! Having staff help promote the launch of your new restaurant, store, full retail precinct or residential property is a must!

Increasing traffic flow is the ultimate goal for this style of launch – Handing out product samples of new retailers, showing people through the new residential space and having booklets, drinks, food and other events & promotions going on so people come back and spend!

Contact us today to book your staff for your next Marketing Campaign, Event or Promotion in Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and The Gold Coast.

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